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First, THANK YOU for visiting LongHairDivas.Com, for years now, it has been my ‘home’ on the internet. I have changed the name of my subscription site to LeonasLongHair.Com … please allow me to explain why:

I need a change. Times change, people change…

When LHD was launched in May 2005 the concept of the site was to have a continual carousel of longhaired models from around the world and at first, it was working well and I had models shooting for me all the time. Now, well, it’s extremely difficult to find models. Pretty much it’s been just ME since 2008. Rayvn stopped shooting, and Dawn is intermittent with her availability. I’ve been thinking of making my site all about ME for years now, and originally when I left LongHairPortraits to go out on my own, LeonasLongHair was to be the site. It was my ex husbands idea to add the other girls, citing that I was in my late 30’s and couldn’t ‘do this forever’. Boy was he fucking wrong.

I want my site to be all about me from the name down to the content. LeonasLongHair has been an active domain for the past 15 years, I forwarded it to LHD, but now it is changed. My site is now LeonasLongHair.Com and I am SOOOOO excited!

Current members, nothing has changed. Just the name of the site. It’s still on the same server, has the same content (although some of the girls will be coming off), just the name has changed. Your log in is still the same. I have to get with Vicky Vette to get the cam page worked out; I tested it this morning and it’s prompting for a username and password. Go ahead and enter your username and password ~ it should get you into the cam room, should you want to view one of the live shows before the new link is in place. When the new link is in place you will not be prompted for a username and password to enter the cam area.

The new site will load slow at first, but the speed will pick up as the cache fills. I thank you in advance for your patience during this transition. My team is working in the background to make sure it’s going as seamlessly as possible. If you should happen to run into a problem let me know asap so I can forward it on to them.

All that being said….I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my site for all these years, and I’m looking forward to the new site and new look that will be coming with it. and as always: THANK YOU FOR LOVING LONG HAIR. IT TRULY IS A PLEASURE FOR ME TO SHARE MY LONGHAIR WITH YOU.



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