7-4-2020 Live Cam

Happy Fourth Of July!! Great orgasmic show!! 

I tell you all about my family reunion, ‘grandma week’, and my trip down to Florida and back. I could have been killed at one point Sunday night! you won’t believe what happened!! I STILL can hardly believe it myself! 

I love my new studio room, masturbating on this futon is another story lol. I will figure it out. Perhaps I should make it flat so I can stretch out my legs; I need to flex them when I am masturbating and sitting up makes it a little difficult. Soooo, next time it will be flat most likely. I was still able to orgasm, but it took longer than normal. 

During the show, before I exposed my tits, someone said I needed a ‘boob job’ ~ What?!?! lol ok. So that opens up a discussion on my actual boob job that I got nearly 20 years ago. That’s right. October 20th will be 20 years since I got my boobs ‘done’. I do believe we should have a party for that!! 

Enjoy the show, thanks for taking time out of your day to spend it with me. I appreciate it! xoxoxo


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