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I Have A Date Tomorrow

I have a date tomorrow, and yes, my husband is OK with this. Long read ahead, but it’s very important!! Please read.

My date is with a surgeon.

Tomorrow I will be having surgery on my neck. Finally. I have degenerative disc disease along with bone spurs & my C3-7 discs are gone, basically. The degeneration of the discs and resulting compression of the vertebra has caused my spinal cord to be pinched/bruised in this area. They also told me that my bones are already starting to fuse themselves together. I will be in the hospital overnight, and wearing a collar for 6-8 weeks 24/7 except for eating and showering. Soft foods for a couple weeks, no lifting over 10 pounds…I’m very grateful that BikerMan knows how to braid and take care of my hair. I’m going to need major help with it these next couple months. Thank you in advance baby. The Dr. has requested that I have two braids on each side of my head and that the braids be made into a bun on each side. In other words, I’ll be rolling into surgery rocking some princess leia braided buns lol. I was going to wear a single braid ~ they want it bound and out of the way for real. Leia braided buns it is then. This surgery is a blessing, I’ve been in tremendous pain, debilitating at times, in my neck for many years now. The past few months, I’ve noticed the pain changing, moving to my extremities and NOT responding to pain relief methods that has previously worked for years. I don’t like going under the knife but I need this surgery or my condition will only worsen over time. The longer I go without it, my spinal cord would be injured worse, and cause damage that cannot be undone. I should have had this done years ago, but I was a patient of a doctor that neglected the severity of my condition. Thank goodness I found a new RA Dr. that helped me with this on my first visit with her.  She ordered an MRI, gave me a muscle relaxer, and a topical gel that gave me relief. Previous Dr. never did ANYTHING to help me with my neck condition. Not even refer me to a Dr. that would help. But anyway…..I’m rid of him, and am in good capable hands now. That’s what matters. In my case, this condition is hereditary. From who I inherited this from I’ve no idea, my sister has this same condition and has had this same surgery, same levels before. I’ve been leaning on her a lot for advice and her experience. Also have a friend who had this surgery but just two levels. So I do have some folks around me to talk to about their experience, etc. All this being said, I’m nervous as hell. But….. I can’t wait to not feel this pain in my neck. I can’t wait for the day the muscles in my neck aren’t feeling like they have marbles in them. I can’t wait for the pain to not be there 24/7. I’m hopeful, but scared. lol Positive vibes, prayers everything accepted. My love to all, and see ya’ll on the flip side!

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Don’t worry so much. You GOT this! I know that. Just take the time to relax and rest, and I’ll be waiting for ya on that other side. Hold her hand a lot, BM

Dear Leona I will pray for you that surgery will go well and that it will relieve you from the pain you have. And to Bikerman: you’re the best and I’m glad you’re on Leona side during this difficult period. With Love Arco xxxx

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