ACDF Surgery Recovery Update

Today is 60 days since I had my surgery.

November 6 I began to wean myself off of the brace/collar and was totally done on November 15th. No brace anymore!! I was also given permission to drive again!

Living without the brace…my neck is a little stiff still, and range of motion is limited. I have to be very careful, no sudden movements, no strenuous activities, etc.,. I am doing the daily 4 hour Stim Cell magnetic therapy, it’s become part of my morning routine ~If you’d like to learn more about the device and how the therapy works, check it out here:

Shampooing my hair is still needing to be done in a gingerly fashion, I’m looking forward to filming shampoo videos again, but they will have to be done in a tub; the weight of my mane entirely wet is too much for my neck to bear at this point. In time, in time…. I’m a patient woman, I can wait….

I have virtually NO pain, other than an occasional headache, and muscle spasms. My old neck pain is gone, and I can’t tell you how wonderful that is! I feel so good! I feel like I can do MORE than the limitations they’ve put on me, but I don’t want to go against Dr.’s orders. That means no lifting over 5 lbs, no overhead reaching ( I do this sometimes, oops) and no strenuous activities. Unlimited walking and stair climbing privileges.

The incision scar looks great. I have obtained some medical honey to help with the healing and scarring, hopefully it will fade soon and be less obvious. But you know what? if it doesn’t I’m fine with it. It’s not that bad, really. Will post pics in next update.

I have another appointment December 3rd with the surgeon and will have more to report then.
Thanks for reading, and being concerned about me. I appreciate you. xoxox


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