A Seduction By Shampoo ~ Seducing Prell Guy

It’s time to wash out those waves from a braid and lather this mane into a squeaky clean shine! Are you ready Prell Guy?

The seduction begins with my huge bun in clasps just waiting to be released…then my free mane in your face, scratching my head, fluffing my hair in preperation for the shampooing to follow. You’re amazed at the pristine conditon of my Long,Silky, Hair, it takes your breath away. I know you could just reach out and touch it.

After completely wetting all of my hair, I apply an enormous amount of Sunshine In A Bottle Shampoo, and this time, not a drop is wasted. I begin to lather, it’s such a silky lather, your cock would slide beautifully into it! As the lather builds, you can feel the seduction taking hold, the feeling in your cock and balls is also building as the lather is bigger and bigger, more and more…it smells wonderful! I slow the lathering process down for you, so you can watch how sensually I do this for you, anticipating and envisioning the pleasure in your eyes as you’re watching me.  How much more can you endure? It’s time to rinse and then condition…the conditioner is so thick and sexy! My hair soaks it right up, so I apply lots more. The aroma is everywhere by now, are you sniffing your bottles while I’m seducing you? As I rinse, the silky sheen is right in your face, sending you to release your pleasure. It was my pleasure! 

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