Hair On Face Play

I had a live cam scheduled on this particular day, but due to inclement weather my internet was out which left me literally all dressed up and nowhere to go! 

I decided to let the cameras roll anyway and filmed this beautiful Hair On Face Play video for you; starting with combing my floorlength mane seductively over my face, giving you glimpses of my face here and there…An everyday bun half up half down style on my face is the show stopper! My hair is gliding back n forth over my nipples, they beg to be pinched and slapped as I masturbate myself to a very strong orgasm. I drop the half bun and relax now that I’m high on orgasmic hair flowing over my body like a golden river down over my silk stockinged legs and pump clad feet. 

Thank you to Tony for the outfit I’m wearing and to Steve for the Silk Stockings I have on. I appreciate the gifts! xoxox

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