Biotin & Hair

People sometimes ask me what do I ‘take’ to keep my long hair so healthy.

The only vitamin I can say that I purposely ‘take’ for my hair is Biotin. I take it to help combat the hair loss side effects of some of the RA (rheumatoid arthritis) medications I take. My hair used to be a LOT thicker, but in 2011 the meds caused me to lose a lot of volume, and slowed my growth down tremendously. It scared me, because I have to take these medications, I can’t not take them; if I could, I would; they are very toxic. Anyway, I started taking the biotin, 5,000mcg a day, and after a couple of months I noticed less hair in my comb. It was working.

Nowadays I take 20,000 mcg of biotin a day. I buy it at Sams Club, they have their own generic brand ‘members mark’ that is 10,000 mcg capsules and comes in a bottle of 250 capsules. I take two a day, I also give one a day to my husband. I want him to have nice hair too, lol.

I tell everyone who asks me that question about biotin. Don’t fall for the small amounts that they put into the commercial hair products. Sure, 5,000mcg is helpful. If you want to see REAL results, I would quadruple that. I’m getting 5-6 inches a year growth, which is normal, and I’m 54 years old. At this writing, my hair is 71 inches long about an inch past my heels. I went two years without a trim after cutting a foot of my hair off 8-22-2019. Recently on the two year anniversary date we measured it at 74/75 inches. The very long wispies were just past 75 inches but not enough to really count. The trim was right after, leaving me still past the floor in length.

Also, you will save money purchasing biotin alone, and who doesn’t love saving money??


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