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7-28-2020 Live Cam

Hair Show! 
In this live show, first you’ll hear why I will be practicing a French Twist style and modified styles of the French Twist…then you will have the pleasure of watching me style my hair into several twisted hair styles. Which one do you like best? Fun Show!!! 
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Sex After The ‘BUSH’ Photo Shoot

After the ‘Bush’ photo shoot, I was hungry for some cock, and what I want, I get. Sexy Video of Bikerman getting a blowjob, a mini hair job ( his cock loves being caressed by my silky hair while I am sucking it), and then finally, he gives me the dick! It feels so good to both of us, and he drops his load into my hairy hairy bush. 
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BUSH : 37 Romantic photos of my hairy hairy bush and my long hair. So tell me… does the carpet match the drapes? Ya’ll know I don’t color my hair. What you see is all natural. Enjoy!!

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7-23-2020 Live Cam

This show was NOTHING BUT TITS! Tits in your face, the entire show. Nipple Play, tit squishing, and all in your face. Enjoy!!

My LongHair Wisdom

Hair Care & Tips?

How can I have a ‘longhair’ blog and not offer tips, advice and my wisdom that I’ve gained over the past 26 years of my Long Hair Journey??? IKR!

I will post under this category (My LongHair Wisdom) my hair care ‘stuff’ … product info, my tips, etc. Here’s my first post below:

One of the questions I am asked the most is: What do you do to your hair to keep it so long? My answer…

I LOVE MY HAIR. I treat it like I love it, I treat it with TLC, along with these practices:

  • NO HEAT ~ I do not blow dry, use hot rollers, flat irons or any heat source on my hair.
  • NO CHEMICALS ~ My hair is virgin hair, meaning…not chemically altered. No hair coloring, bleach, dye, no ‘perms’, no mousse, gel, hairspray, etc. Things I do apply to my hair: shampoo, conditioner, occasionally coconut oil.
  • MINIMAL HAIR CUTTING ~ During the early years of my LongHair Journey, I trimmed as least as possible. At least every 9 months because I was growing out a perm, and that took several years so I cut the old perm a couple inches at a time every 9 months or so. Once the perm was gone, I only trim once a year or longer, taking off enough so I don’t step on it all the time; I won’t trim shorter than lower calf length which was the length I went back to my last trim in August 2019. It’s at my ankles now (July 2020), and I’ll maintain that length for awhile, planning a dusting trim on the anniversary of the cut date.

So…that’s my best advice I can give anyone, male or female, who wants to embark on their own LongHair Journey. Most of all, is LOVE YOUR HAIR.



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My LongHair Journey ~Video 5~ 2008

25 years ago I made a decision to grow my hair long…I made a committment to myself that I would not cut it, that I would let it grow and let it be in its natural state. No heat, no products other than shampoo, conditioner, & oil(s). My hair is straight, I had always permed it to achieve the “Farrah Fawcett” hairstyle that I loved to wear my hair in. It took several years to grow out the layers, and before I knew it, I had waist length virgin hair, and I LOVED it. I truly do love my longhair…I have to say, that is my #1 all time “hair tip”: LOVE your hair. Treat it like you love it.

To celebrate these past 25 years, I’m compiling photos and videos of My Long Hair Journey, I can’t believe 25 years have gone by! Never did I think I would have past floor length hair, and now, since my 8-22-2019 trim, lower calf length hair. It’s been a great Long Hair Journey so far! The hardest task of all is choosing which shoots to use, lol.
Video 5 covers the year 2008 and includes the following photo/and or video shoots:

Video 5
Happy Kinky New Year 2008
Au Natural 
Happy Valentine’s Day 2008
Silk N Lace
4th Of July
Tropic Rein
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Blousal Hair Play & Tease

Custom Video:
OPEN white (or colour of choice) blouse hair down, few shots flaunting hair.
NEXT  put hair up in bun. (no part) front on, side on, rear shots
NEXT undo blouse and remove from shoulders, front and side and leaning forward top and back
(done in front of a white background.)
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Masturbating On The Deck

Sexy orgasmic video of me showing off for you & masturbating on the deck using my Best Birthday Present Ever Toy. My perfectly center parted hair is braided into two perfect braids, just as you like. 
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Washing My Hairy Bush With Prell

Wow, look how much my bush hair has grown. I’m not quite satisfied with it just yet. A couple more months perhaps and I’ll have the ‘full bush’ look I’m aiming for. It’s getting long, and I like that, just need the ‘triangle’ to have more fullness at the top. It’s getting there for sure~

The prell lathers up very well, I need to keep this hair in as great of condition as the hair on my head. Shampoo, rinse and condition! 

A nice fluffing with my comb after the wash shows how full it’s getting~ 

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Phone Pics ~ Set 26

In this set of phone pics, you’ll see photos from a Cher concert that Dawn and I went to, personal pics, and some behind the scenes pics from my live shows! Enjoy!