Catching Up

As you’ve noticed, I’ve not been around for awhile now. This post isn’t to give any excuses, but the reason(s) for this now ending hiatus from posting here and other places, my website included. For the past near 4 years there has been someone ‘cyberstalking’ me and this person has even doxxed me at… Continue reading Catching Up

Trimming Hair Today

Today has been730 days since I cut my hair from past the floor length to lower calf length. I’m not doing a big cut today, just a ‘maintenance’ trim. This will be filmed, of course, and posted on very soon! I’m nervous, and I get these nerves no matter how much I trim off.… Continue reading Trimming Hair Today

Big Change

I have pondered this decision for many months now, & I’m announcing today that it is time for me to leave the VNA Live Network. Why? My satellite internet is not compatible with the new system and it doesn’t provide a good, clear stream during the live show. It’s very degraded and blurry, it freezes at… Continue reading Big Change

Laying Out & Girl Talk

Anya and I saw and did a lot on our trip to Puerto Vallarta back in 2004…It was our first trip together, and we sure did get to know each other in Mexico! We are so comfortable around each other, and have the same sick sense of humor! In this NEVER SEEN BEFORE FOOTAGE….After our… Continue reading Laying Out & Girl Talk


I wanted to tell you all about a new social media platform that is solely dedicated to the fetish world. All fetishes, including us hair fetishists! There are a few places on the internet where you can post your hair fetish pictures, links to your favorite models and their videos.. let’s see… There is Facebook,… Continue reading FETISH MODEL NETWORK