A Little Knotty

Oh the memories…. Silk pajamas, golden silky knee length hair coiled into a beautiful top knot bun, a big glass of cabernet and an insanely erotic book make for a very interesting evening… This was filmed to be sold only on VHS, and boy did it sell! There’s a small video of some bts during… Continue reading A Little Knotty

Tigress By Night

The sounds and sights at night bring out the tigress in me… In this set I’m wearing some cool ass wedges. I had several pair of these, different strap designs, I wore them alot going out. So sexy! They show off my feet, toes, & legs perfectly. You can’t see in this pic, but I’m… Continue reading Tigress By Night

Midnight Plaza

Another very popular photo/video set. Midnight Plaza. Slightly wavy hair from a braid…I had worked all day that day and wore my longhair in a single braid. We had planned to shoot that evening, displaying wavy hair. When it’s wavy from a braid it looks so full and thick. I mean, it’s thick already but… Continue reading Midnight Plaza