Herb’s Gift

Herb sent me a gift…I was to open it on film so he could see my true reaction…I love his gift and now he deserves one as well. I gift him the pleasure of watching me pleasure myself many times, including what I call a ‘self hairjob’…my hair feels so good on my bare skin,… Continue reading Herb’s Gift

Messy Buns On Face ~ Masturbating Wearing A Fur Coat

Custom Video:  Lying down wearing a fur coat messy buns on your face. Touch the fur, pull your tits from bra and wear feminine panties please. Masturbate with your toy, leaving the coat on.  ** I had a ton of fun filming this! Thanks “J”! Three messy buns, several orgasms, I loved it. You may… Continue reading Messy Buns On Face ~ Masturbating Wearing A Fur Coat

Working Out ~ Exercise Vid 1

For years, basically since 2010 when I came down and was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), I haven’t ‘worked out’ other than walking. My RA is in remission according to my Rheumatologist; my neck is good to go to my Surgeon, so I’m doing it. IT being, getting back part of me that RA and… Continue reading Working Out ~ Exercise Vid 1

Fully Conditioned For Gunner

In this custom video I start out washing my hair in normal fashion with Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo in full length view ~ then again in full length view & close ups, my past¬† the floor length hair is saturated with an entire bottle of Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner as I display it and play… Continue reading Fully Conditioned For Gunner

8-22-2021 TRIM

Man, I am soooo glad the trim is over and done with! It’s such a stressful and emotional time for me, ugh!! The length measured about 75 inches. The wispies accounted for about an inch of that. As you’ll see in the video, there was a definite “V” of breakage going up through the middle… Continue reading 8-22-2021 TRIM

Hair Over Ass

Custom Video: Hair over your ass; shaking your ass, wearing only colorful ankle socks. Slow motions of hair, shots are your choice. No talking, your choice music playing.  Note: I added a second camera angle for bonus footage of this video.  Thank you “D” xoxoxo