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Lounging In A Lavender Dress

Lounging in Lavender…I LOVE this outfit that Tony sent to me from my Amazon Wishlist! Thank you sweety!! xoxoxo 

I’m lounging in this sexy lavender dress, show you my boobs, and let down my hair, comb it out, and tease you with some hair play. I also talk about my recent trip to Florida, and what’s happening this week that is VERY IMPORTANT. 


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Product Review: Before & After New Mane N Tail Product

You’ve seen the Hair Washing video using the new Mane N Tail ProVitamin B5, now you can see the what it looked like before & then after the shampoo & conditioning!

I drop my bun & you will see my dirty hair & waves from a braid that’s messy from traveling for days and days. Then I reveal he results of the new product: the very clean, bone straight, uncombed, air dried for 8 hours, Floor Length Blonde Silk. I display it to you in full length, my comb glides right through it effortlessly. Being able to do that never ceases to amaze me; I know it leaves you in amazement as well.

Enjoy the show!

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Laying Out & Girl Talk

Anya and I saw and did a lot on our trip to Puerto Vallarta back in 2004…It was our first trip together, and we sure did get to know each other in Mexico! We are so comfortable around each other, and have the same sick sense of humor! In this NEVER SEEN BEFORE FOOTAGE….After our hairplay in the hot tub, our longhair is wet and needs to dry. Mexico is so HOT and that sun will dry it quickly, so to the terrace we go…we lay on the chaise and expose our locks to the searing sun, talking and laughing about our trip and shenanigans. We drape our hairs on each other, swishing it around enjoying the wonderful sensation..Enjoy!! 

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My Long Hair Journey: 27 years Video 6 ~ 2009

27 years ago I made a decision to grow my hair long…I made a commitment to myself that I would not cut it, that I would let it grow and let it be in its natural state. No heat, no products other than shampoo, conditioner, & oil(s). My hair is straight, I had always permed it to achieve the “Farrah Fawcett” hairstyle that I loved to wear my hair in. It took several years to grow out the layers, and before I knew it, I had waist length virgin hair, and I LOVED it. I truly do love my longhair…I have to say, that is my #1 all time “hair tip”: LOVE your hair. Treat it like you love it.

To celebrate these past 27 years, I’m compiling photos and videos of My Long Hair Journey, I can’t believe 27 years have gone by! Never did I think I would have past floor length hair, and now, since my 8-22-2019 trim to mid calf, 1 1/2 yrs later I am at near floor length once again. It’s been a great Long Hair Journey so far! The hardest task of all is choosing which shoots to use, lol.

Video 6 covers the year 2009 and includes the following photo/and or video shoots:

Video 6


Mardis Gras

Long Hair Valentine

Vieux Crossing

Gold On Blue

Silken Meditation


Floor Show

Hat N Boots 

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Gold On Blue

These photos are from my “Gold On Blue” Photo Shoot that was done way back in April of 2009. Select photos from this shoot will be included in Video 6 in the series honoring the 25th (now 26th) Year Anniversary of beginning my Long Hair Journey, which began in 1994. Enjoy! Keep an eye out for more samples from this next installment.

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Displaying, Combing, & Bunning Up My Dirty Hair

My hair is in great need of a shampoo, or so I thought… What do you think? Does my hair look dirty to you in this video? I drop a messy bun, display my mane, comb it, display it from behind and shake my ass, I can’t help it! It’s too late in the day to shampoo it, so I bun it back up until tomorrow….