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Gold On Blue

These photos are from my “Gold On Blue” Photo Shoot that was done way back in April of 2009. Select photos from this shoot will be included in Video 6 in the series honoring the 25th (now 26th) Year Anniversary of beginning my Long Hair Journey, which began in 1994. Enjoy! Keep an eye out for more samples from this next installment.

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Wavy Hair From Twin Braids

Since my surgery, I’ve had to wear my hair in two braids. It’s been so many weeks now, I’ve undone the braids and display for you the voluminous waves they have rewarded me with.

Check out my youtube channel for a free preview video!

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Knotted Bun & Braid Hairstyling

This video shows me making the hairstyle I wore in my 9-8-2020 Live Cam. 

I let down my everyday bun, and make a ponytail. Tying the length in a knot at the base of the ponytail, I secure it with bobby pins, and braid the leftover length. I liked this hairstyle, but I think I need longer bobby pins; longer ones would have secured the knot better, but it was still a beautiful style. 

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My LongHair Journey ~Video 5~ 2008

25 years ago I made a decision to grow my hair long…I made a committment to myself that I would not cut it, that I would let it grow and let it be in its natural state. No heat, no products other than shampoo, conditioner, & oil(s). My hair is straight, I had always permed it to achieve the “Farrah Fawcett” hairstyle that I loved to wear my hair in. It took several years to grow out the layers, and before I knew it, I had waist length virgin hair, and I LOVED it. I truly do love my longhair…I have to say, that is my #1 all time “hair tip”: LOVE your hair. Treat it like you love it.

To celebrate these past 25 years, I’m compiling photos and videos of My Long Hair Journey, I can’t believe 25 years have gone by! Never did I think I would have past floor length hair, and now, since my 8-22-2019 trim, lower calf length hair. It’s been a great Long Hair Journey so far! The hardest task of all is choosing which shoots to use, lol.
Video 5 covers the year 2008 and includes the following photo/and or video shoots:

Video 5
Happy Kinky New Year 2008
Au Natural 
Happy Valentine’s Day 2008
Silk N Lace
4th Of July
Tropic Rein
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Siren Song

She’s calling for you…do you hear the gentle song of the LongHair Siren …. will you fall under her spell??

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8 Braids

I recently braided my mane into 8 braids and left them in for 3 days before a photo/video shoot… Here’s a pic…video of the braiding coming soon!!