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Cumming For Tony

My French Fan Tony has sent me a Christmas gift from my Amazon Wishlist and I wanted to thank him and wear it in a really sexy video made just for him! He’s a long time member who really does spoil me, & I love it! I show off the outfit, long hair, and myself and then get the real fun started! I’ve got plenty of room to stretch out my stocking clad long legs so I can flex them. I’m wearing lace panties that match the outfit perfectly, and the first orgasm is in the panties. Such a great orgasm, that my panties got wet, and I show you that when I take them off, also taking a whiff and sniff of myself on the panties. I smell so good! omg! The vibrator doesn’t disappoint and the next orgasm cums quickly! I thought I was all finished, but touching my hot clit/pussy with my cold fingers sends me another orgasm that is soooo nice!! So Thank you sweet Tony, I love my gift. xoxox L

If you would like to send me a gift from my wishlist, please click the link in the paragraph above, or click here: If you order me something I will gift you back! Please include your email address with my gift so I may thank you and send you pics etc in my gifts. Thank you! xoxox L