My LongHair Wisdom

Hair Care & Tips?

How can I have a ‘longhair’ blog and not offer tips, advice and my wisdom that I’ve gained over the past 26 years of my Long Hair Journey??? IKR!

I will post under this category (My LongHair Wisdom) my hair care ‘stuff’ … product info, my tips, etc. Here’s my first post below:

One of the questions I am asked the most is: What do you do to your hair to keep it so long? My answer…

I LOVE MY HAIR. I treat it like I love it, I treat it with TLC, along with these practices:

  • NO HEAT ~ I do not blow dry, use hot rollers, flat irons or any heat source on my hair.
  • NO CHEMICALS ~ My hair is virgin hair, meaning…not chemically altered. No hair coloring, bleach, dye, no ‘perms’, no mousse, gel, hairspray, etc. Things I do apply to my hair: shampoo, conditioner, occasionally coconut oil.
  • MINIMAL HAIR CUTTING ~ During the early years of my LongHair Journey, I trimmed as least as possible. At least every 9 months because I was growing out a perm, and that took several years so I cut the old perm a couple inches at a time every 9 months or so. Once the perm was gone, I only trim once a year or longer, taking off enough so I don’t step on it all the time; I won’t trim shorter than lower calf length which was the length I went back to my last trim in August 2019. It’s at my ankles now (July 2020), and I’ll maintain that length for awhile, planning a dusting trim on the anniversary of the cut date.

So…that’s my best advice I can give anyone, male or female, who wants to embark on their own LongHair Journey. Most of all, is LOVE YOUR HAIR.