My LongHair Wisdom

Hair Oiling

I recently was asked if I oil my hair and how often…

I oil it a couple times a year, typically during the summer, and then again in the winter. I use coconut oil, but if I don’t have any of that, Argan Oil is my second choice.

When I apply the oil, I take care to not use too much it is very hard to wash out if you over do it. Using my hands I make sure it’s on all the strands, and then I’ll comb it through, very gingerly. After it’s combed I will braid it and then bun the braid and cover with a scarf or thin towel and leave it on a few hours, or sometimes, overnight ( if my hair seems really dry).

Depending on the climate where you live, or if you routinely apply heat or chemicals to your hair, you may need more than two oilings a year. You can tell when your hair is dry and needing some ‘help’…do your research on your oils, read the labels and make sure it’s just oil in the product. So many products on the market have alcohol in them, and that’s very drying to hair! Organic is always best, if it’s available.

Oiling and properly washing it out afterwards will leave your mane so soft, shiny, silky and healthy.



My LongHair Wisdom

Hair Care & Tips?

How can I have a ‘longhair’ blog and not offer tips, advice and my wisdom that I’ve gained over the past 26 years of my Long Hair Journey??? IKR!

I will post under this category (My LongHair Wisdom) my hair care ‘stuff’ … product info, my tips, etc. Here’s my first post below:

One of the questions I am asked the most is: What do you do to your hair to keep it so long? My answer…

I LOVE MY HAIR. I treat it like I love it, I treat it with TLC, along with these practices:

  • NO HEAT ~ I do not blow dry, use hot rollers, flat irons or any heat source on my hair.
  • NO CHEMICALS ~ My hair is virgin hair, meaning…not chemically altered. No hair coloring, bleach, dye, no ‘perms’, no mousse, gel, hairspray, etc. Things I do apply to my hair: shampoo, conditioner, occasionally coconut oil.
  • MINIMAL HAIR CUTTING ~ During the early years of my LongHair Journey, I trimmed as least as possible. At least every 9 months because I was growing out a perm, and that took several years so I cut the old perm a couple inches at a time every 9 months or so. Once the perm was gone, I only trim once a year or longer, taking off enough so I don’t step on it all the time; I won’t trim shorter than lower calf length which was the length I went back to my last trim in August 2019. It’s at my ankles now (July 2020), and I’ll maintain that length for awhile, planning a dusting trim on the anniversary of the cut date.

So…that’s my best advice I can give anyone, male or female, who wants to embark on their own LongHair Journey. Most of all, is LOVE YOUR HAIR.