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Sunshine In A Bottle ~ A Shampooing For Prell Guy

Sunshine in A Bottle ~ A Shampooing for Prell Guy …
Prell Guy literally sent me a box FULL of Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner. I LOVE this stuff, and so does my hair…it smells so good!

The video starts out with a close up view of my bun, a little prologue from me, and then the hair washing fun and lathering fun begins! A nice long lathering and saturating conditioning leaves it silky, shiny, and super clean.

Thank you Prell Guy!

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Mane ~N~ Prell

It’s time for a hair washing. I need one really bad. Really bad. I started out with Mane N Tail, but we know it doesn’t create much of a lather; especially with this dirty hair! So I add some prell to it and voila! We have a lathering!! 

I condition with Mane N Tail, and add a little Pantene Charcoal conditioner as well. 

mmmm Mane N Prell.